About Us

About Us

EvapTech® is a premier cooling tower designer, manufacturer and contractor providing Research Powered Solutions for customer needs in the power generation, industrial, refrigeration and HVAC evaporative cooling markets. EvapTech offers new and replacement field erected cooling towers and a variety of cooling tower aftermarket services including replacement parts.

EvapTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evapco, Inc. Since its founding in 1976, Evapco has become an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of quality heat transfer products around the world. Evapco’s powerful combination of financial strength and technical expertise has established the company as a global manufacturer of market-leading products.

Evapco is an employee owned company with a strong emphasis on research and development and modern manufacturing facilities. With an ongoing commitment to research and development programs, the Evapco companies provide the most advanced products and components in the industry – Technology for the Future, Available Today!

The combined capabilities of EvapTech and Evapco provide field erected and factory assembled products that satisfy nearly all markets.



Safety is an EvapTech core value. EvapTech has a simple philosophy regarding safety: We want everyone on our projects to return home safely each day. Our safety goals are simple.  Zero safety incidents and a positive safety environment at all times.

It is EvapTech’s practice to assure our products will be safely erected by incorporating considerations for safety in its product designs. For example, fall protection systems are designed and tested to keep our team safe while erecting our field erected products providing superior products. We always require appropriate personal protective equipment for each field activity as well.

EvapTech’s Safety Program has been approved and accepted by numerous owners and engineers through the years. The ever evolving nature of our program allows us to be flexible in adapting to meet jobsite conditions, customer requirements, and appropriate standard practices.   

History of EvapTech

 - EvapTech was founded January 2005 as a subsidiary of Evapco. The creation of EvapTech has resulted in field erected product capabilities that complement Evapco’s industry leading factory assembled products and services.

 - The EvapTech field erected business was established based on two key principles: industry experience and innovation. EvapTech’s key staff brings decades of valuable industry and management experience to the business. Following Evapco's lead, EvapTech has continually introduced innovative products and construction techniques since its establishment.

A number of past and present industry companies are represented by EvapTech associates who have been previously employed by a variety of competing brand names. As a result, EvapTech’s team generates its product solutions based on different industry perspectives while drawing on individual experiences of each associate.  People Make The Difference has been an EvapTech theme since its inception.

The innovation principal that EvapTech embraces is an extension of Evapco’s devotion to product development and Research Powered Solutions. EvapTech has followed Evapco’s lead by introducing a variety of new components, products, and techniques for the benefit of our customers. Some of these innovations include high performance splash and film fills, performance enhancing spray nozzles, modular erection techniques, and totally new products such as the FM Approved Series ES tower.

EvapTech has benefited from Evapco’s manufacturing expertise. A majority of field erected tower components are produced internally for EvapTech product solutions. Shortly after EvapTech was incorporated, Evapco acquired Tower Components, Inc. in North Carolina. The North Carolina facility produces fill and eliminator components for all Evapco companies. In 2007 Evapco established a fiberglass pultrusions plant in Newton, Illinois to exclusively produce structural components for EvapTech and Evapco products.

EvapTech has demonstrated industry leadership in many ways. EvapTech participates in several trade organizations including the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and International District Energy Association (IDEA). EvapTech is also one of the first companies to become a participating manufacturer in the CTI’s Standard-202 for publication of thermal performance results.

EvapTech has expanded its business on a global scale. February 2009 marked the opening of EvapTech’s operation in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia that serves the Asia-Pacific region. 

Research Powered Solutions

EvapTech’s product innovation begins at the state-of-the-art Wilson Bradley Research Center located at Evapco's World Headquarters in Taneytown, Maryland. The 60,000 square foot facility (5,575 square meters) is among the largest and most advanced in the industry.

The environmental labs are specifically designed for the purpose of analyzing and testing cooling towers. EvapTech operates both counterflow and crossflow test cells. The facility offers the capability of simulating a wide range of environmental conditions to match those encountered in actual field applications. The computerized data acquisition systems ensure precise measurements of thermal performance data and confidence in EvapTech’s thermal ratings.

In addition to thermal testing, EvapTech’s engineers and technicians continuously focus on the quality and durability of all the components that go into EvapTech products. Accelerated life testing of materials, and stress measurements are all performed in specialized test equipment at the Evapco research center.

These on-going research programs assure that only the highest quality equipment is consistently delivered to the customer. The Research Center sets EvapTech and Evapco apart from all others as a global leader.

We know customers are busy maintaining operations by keeping their cooling equipment running efficiently and reliably while putting out their daily fires. EvapTech wants to serve as a resource for cooling equipment customers by being no more than a phone call or e-mail message away. We invite you to contact any EvapTech teammate directly for an immediate discussion to answer or address your cooling equipment question based on our expertise or our vast industry contacts.

The following EvapTech teammates are a resource to you.

President - Don Dobney

Don is responsible for all of EvapTech’s operations and global expansion. Don is also involved in the sale and management of large scale cooling tower projects. These projects include both new and replacement tower applications and major reconstruction scopes of work. 

Other responsibilities include strategic and annual business planning, risk management, product development, and interface with other EvapTech resources.

Direct   913.428.1006
Mobile  816.896.1395

Executive Vice President, Global Business Development - Mark Muder

Mark is responsible for EvapTech's sales and marketing activities.  Mark directs the global sales organization, including EvapTech's Business Development Managers and sales representative distribution networks.  He also oversees proposal development and manages marketing endeavors.

Phone  913.428.1018
Mobile  913.271.2721

Vice President International - Raymond Ho

Raymond is responsible for EvapTech’s Asia Pacific operations that cover the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions. Raymond is intimately involved in the sales and marketing activities of EvapTech’s products and services. Raymond also coordinates internal manufacturing and strategic supplier resources to support the Asia Pacific operations.

Phone (60-3) 8070-7255
Fax      (60-3) 8070-5731

Vice President Operations - Joe Whalen

Joe supervises EvapTech's finance, human resources, information technology, and building management functional areas. Joe also manages EvapTech supply chain and handles process improvements. Joe is EvapTech's Quality Manager.

Direct    913.428.1001
Mobile   913.209.3879

Vice President Construction - David (Mike) Bickerstaff

Mike is responsible for EvapTech's construction activities.  Mike directs EvapTech labor estimating, field staffing, safety and quality training, and execution of projects in the field.  Mike has been in the cooling tower business in many leadership capcities for over 30 years, bringing EvapTech a depth of experience that enhances our overall business.

Direct    913.428.1023
Mobile   817.907.9105

Vice President of Advanced Technology (Taneytown, Maryland) - Jean-Pierre Libert

Jean-Pierre's areas of expertise include thermal equipment sizing and performance, acceptance and status testing, water analysis, and materials selection. Jean-Pierre provides leadership for Evapco and EvapTech’s product development. Jean-Pierre represents Evapco and EvapTech in technical committees for the Cooling Technology Institute.

Office     410.756.3029
Mobile   908.581.2820

Vice President Engineering - John Ahern

John supervises EvapTech’s engineering, design/drafting, and material testing activities. John's areas of expertise include design for fiberglass, wood, and concrete structures, water distribution systems, equipment inspections, and product development. John is responsible for assuring compliance to engineering standards and applicable design codes. John represents EvapTech in technical committees for the Cooling Technology Institute.

Direct    913.428.1004
Mobile   913.209.4543

Director of  Aftermarket Services - Kenneth Belz

Kenneth is responsible for generating after market business while promoting after market capabilities, assuring that EvapTech is responsive to requests for after market products and services, and coordinating resources to develop creative and highly competitive solutions for customer requests and needs.

Direct    913.428.1060
Mobile   908.303.7385

Director of Project Management - Frank Jaksa

Frank is responsible for project management and procurement functions at EvapTech. The main objectives of his assignment are to assure that projects are executed according to customer contract requirements, safely, on schedule, and within budget. Frank’s main responsibilities include coordinating and directing the activities of EvapTech’s Project and Construction Managers, and Subcontractor partners.

Direct    913.428.1031
Mobile   816.564.6477

This section of our website is devoted to assist customers with any questions or concerns about evaporative cooling applications and equipment. EvapTech’s sales team is ready to answer questions and provide information, recommendations and suggestions for all cooling equipment issues and concerns. We invite you to contact any EvapTech Sales teammate directly for an immediate discussion.

U.S. Sales Team

EvapTech’s Sales Team is organized based on Markets served including the HVAC, Industrial, and Power Markets. Direct EvapTech Sales associates and Sales Representatives are available to support customers with cooling equipment applications in these Markets.


Executive Vice President, Global Business Development - Mark Muder

Mark is responsible for EvapTech’s global sales activities. Mark directs the sales organization including EvapTech's Business Development Managers and Sales Representative distribution networks. Mark is based in EvapTech’s World Headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas.

Direct    913.428.1018


HVAC Market

Director Commercial Sales – George Nicely

George is responsible for all Commercial and HVAC Market applications in North America. George works closely with EvapTech’s North American Sales Representatives and also supports HVAC Market applications internationally. George operates from EvapTech’s World Headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas.

Direct    913.428.1019
Mobile   913.522.9730

Click here to connect to HVAC Market Sales Representatives.
Industrial and Power Markets
Business Development Manager - Darin Baugher

Darin is responsible for the Industrial and Power Markets in the Midwest Region. Darin also provides leadership for Major Projects, especially large concrete natural and mechanical draft cooling tower projects. Darin is based in EvapTech’s World Headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas.

Direct    913.428.1026
Mobile   913.707.1663

Business Development Manager - Darryl Miller

Darryl is responsible for the Industrial and Power Markets in the Northeast Region. Darryl is based in York, Pennsylvania.

Mobile   717.472.3616

 Business Development Manager - Bret Calkins

Bret is responsible for Industrial and Power Markets for select accounts. Bret is based in EvapTech’s World Headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas.

Direct    913.428.1022
Mobile   913.645.2648

 Business Development Manager - Dave Simac

Dave is responsible for Industrial and Power Markets in the Texas Gulf Coast and Southeast Regions. Dave is based in Houston, Texas.

Mobile   713.201.0616

 Business Development Manager - Robert King

Robert is responsible for Industrial and Power Markets in the Western Region. Robert is based in Orange County, California.

Mobile   714.408.8446

 Business Development Manager, AfterMarket Sales & Service - Rich Forster

Rich specializes in After Market applications for Industrial and Power Markets in the Southeast Region. Rich is based in Orlando, Florida.

Mobile   352.425.2509

Click here to connect to Industrial and Power Markets Sales Representatives.

International Sales

Vice President International - Raymond Ho

Raymond is responsible for EvapTech’s Asia Pacific operations that cover the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions. Raymond is intimately involved in the sales and marketing activities of EvapTech’s products and services in these Regions. Raymond operates between EvapTech’s International Headquarters in Malaysia and his office in Sydney, Australia

Click here for more information about EvapTech's Asia Pacific office.

Phone:  (60-3) 8070-7255
Fax:  (60-3) 8070-5731










EvapTech's dedication to provide high quality products is reflected in our commitment to internally manufacturing the key components of our cooling towers, notably the fiberglass structural members, heat transfer media, drift eliminators,and water distributions nozzles. EvapTech is the only cooling tower manufacturer to own and operate a fiberglass pultrusion plant. Located in Newton, Illinois, the pultrusion plant has been producing high quality structural members since 2007.

Cooling tower fill is responsible for the majority of the thermodynamic heat transfer in an evaporative cooling tower. EvapTech manufactures both film and splash type cooling tower fills and drift eliminators in North Carolina. This capability allows EvapTech to control the performance, quality, logistics, and lead time of the thermodynamic heart of the cooling tower.

Through a strategic partnership with an industry-leading fluid flow products company, EvapTech has developed and manufacturers state-of-the art water distribution nozzles for counterflow towers that result in highly predictable water distribution systems. The EvapJet nozzles are furnished with large orifice openings for decreased maintenance downtime.

See the video of this nozzle in action.

In addition to these components, EvapTech provides the best U.S. manufactured mechanical equipment packages available.  The results are Made in the USA products.