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We know customers are busy maintaining operations by keeping their cooling equipment running efficiently and reliably while putting out their daily fires. EvapTech wants to serve as a resource for cooling equipment customers by being no more than a phone call or e-mail message away. We invite you to contact any EvapTech teammate directly for an immediate discussion to answer or address your cooling equipment question based on our expertise or our vast industry contacts.

The following EvapTech teammates are a resource to you.

President - Don Dobney

Don is responsible for all of EvapTech’s operations and global expansion. Don is also involved in the sale and management of large scale cooling tower projects. These projects include both new and replacement tower applications and major reconstruction scopes of work. 

Other responsibilities include strategic and annual business planning, risk management, product development, and interface with other EvapTech resources.

Direct   913.428.1006
Mobile  816.896.1395

Executive Vice President, Global Business Development - Mark Muder

Mark is responsible for EvapTech's sales and marketing activities.  Mark directs the global sales organization, including EvapTech's Business Development Managers and sales representative distribution networks.  He also oversees proposal development and manages marketing endeavors.

Phone  913.428.1018
Mobile  913.271.2721

Vice President International - Raymond Ho

Raymond is responsible for EvapTech’s Asia Pacific operations that cover the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions. Raymond is intimately involved in the sales and marketing activities of EvapTech’s products and services. Raymond also coordinates internal manufacturing and strategic supplier resources to support the Asia Pacific operations.

Phone (60-3) 8070-7255
Fax      (60-3) 8070-5731

Vice President Operations - Joe Whalen

Joe supervises EvapTech's finance, human resources, information technology, and building management functional areas. Joe also manages EvapTech supply chain and handles process improvements. Joe is EvapTech's Quality Manager.

Direct    913.428.1001
Mobile   913.209.3879

Vice President Construction - David (Mike) Bickerstaff

Mike is responsible for EvapTech's construction activities.  Mike directs EvapTech labor estimating, field staffing, safety and quality training, and execution of projects in the field.  Mike has been in the cooling tower business in many leadership capcities for over 30 years, bringing EvapTech a depth of experience that enhances our overall business.

Direct    913.428.1023
Mobile   817.907.9105

Vice President of Advanced Technology (Taneytown, Maryland) - Jean-Pierre Libert

Jean-Pierre's areas of expertise include thermal equipment sizing and performance, acceptance and status testing, water analysis, and materials selection. Jean-Pierre provides leadership for Evapco and EvapTech’s product development. Jean-Pierre represents Evapco and EvapTech in technical committees for the Cooling Technology Institute.

Office     410.756.3029
Mobile   908.581.2820

Vice President Engineering - John Ahern

John supervises EvapTech’s engineering, design/drafting, and material testing activities. John's areas of expertise include design for fiberglass, wood, and concrete structures, water distribution systems, equipment inspections, and product development. John is responsible for assuring compliance to engineering standards and applicable design codes. John represents EvapTech in technical committees for the Cooling Technology Institute.

Direct    913.428.1004
Mobile   913.209.4543

Director of  Aftermarket Services - Kenneth Belz

Kenneth is responsible for generating after market business while promoting after market capabilities, assuring that EvapTech is responsive to requests for after market products and services, and coordinating resources to develop creative and highly competitive solutions for customer requests and needs.

Direct    913.428.1060
Mobile   908.303.7385

Director of Project Management - Frank Jaksa

Frank is responsible for project management and procurement functions at EvapTech. The main objectives of his assignment are to assure that projects are executed according to customer contract requirements, safely, on schedule, and within budget. Frank’s main responsibilities include coordinating and directing the activities of EvapTech’s Project and Construction Managers, and Subcontractor partners.

Direct    913.428.1031
Mobile   816.564.6477