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EvapTech's dedication to provide high quality products is reflected in our commitment to internally manufacturing the key components of our cooling towers, notably the fiberglass structural members, heat transfer media, drift eliminators,and water distributions nozzles. EvapTech is the only cooling tower manufacturer to own and operate a fiberglass pultrusion plant. Located in Newton, Illinois, the pultrusion plant has been producing high quality structural members since 2007.

Cooling tower fill is responsible for the majority of the thermodynamic heat transfer in an evaporative cooling tower. EvapTech manufactures both film and splash type cooling tower fills and drift eliminators in North Carolina. This capability allows EvapTech to control the performance, quality, logistics, and lead time of the thermodynamic heart of the cooling tower.

Through a strategic partnership with an industry-leading fluid flow products company, EvapTech has developed and manufacturers state-of-the art water distribution nozzles for counterflow towers that result in highly predictable water distribution systems. The EvapJet nozzles are furnished with large orifice openings for decreased maintenance downtime.

See the video of this nozzle in action.

In addition to these components, EvapTech provides the best U.S. manufactured mechanical equipment packages available.  The results are Made in the USA products.