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As EvapTech continues to grow as a company, the need for more employee-owners grows as well.  EvapTech values enthusiastic and high quality individuals like any other corporation, but also looks for individuals who possess long term goals and ambitions that align well with our employee-ownership culture.  This culture is discussed below along with other benefits of joining the EvapTech team.  

Current openings are listed above.  Please email resumes and cover letters to if you are interested in becoming an employee-owner at EvapTech!

  • ESOP EvapTech is a wholly owned EVAPCO subsidiary and participating ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Company. Each employee owns a portion of the company stock and directly benefits from the company’s financial success. Retirement savings are not deducted from paychecks, they are given to employees in the form of stock that has averaged 20% of salary for the last ten years.
  • Small Company While EvapTech is a member of the larger EVAPCO organization discussed above, there are just 40-45 employees in EvapTech’s Kansas City area headquarters. Everyone works closely with senior management and quickly learns how the company operates. Individual contributions are both highly visible to management and highly impactful towards the company’s bottom line.
  • Career Advancement EvapTech is looking to rapidly grow over the next several years. This will present many openings that are first offered to current employees. As a member of a small team, every employee has the opportunity and autonomy to develop a diverse skill set and discover which department or job function is most compatible with their personality and career aspirations. Managers encourage employees to pursue those personal ambitions.
  • Profit Sharing EvapTech not only gives out stock to every employee (see ESOP above), but also distributes profits two times every year! 20% of the net profit that is produced biannually is put into a pool that is distributed to each employee. This profit sharing can either be added to the employees’ paycheck, or invested into a 401K retirement plan.
  • Safety EvapTech’s outstanding safety record demonstrates our commitment to keeping employees healthy and safe. While there are limited safety risks associated with working in our Lenexa office, that safety commitment results in an atmosphere where everyone is genuinely concerned about each other’s well-being and recognition that there are things more important than work.
  • Research & Development EvapTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of EVAPCO. EVAPCO not only provides highly competitive benefits and worldwide opportunities for growth, but also a culture of research-driven technological advancement determined to maintain its status as the class of the industry. EVAPCO's state-of-the-art R&D center is at EvapTech’s disposal to test new products and push the cooling tower market towards more efficient solutions.