Meridian® Series

EvapTech's Meridian Modular Cooling Tower
EvapTech is proud to introduce the first ever industrial-scale, fiberglass-framed, modular cooling tower—the Meridian® series. Unlike competing products, the Meridian® series maintains the superior thermal performance and longevity of fiberglass while slashing lead time and cost. This innovative design is primarily factory-assembled into modules prior to shipment, reducing the number of parts that need site assembly compared to standard steel towers. The result? Faster installation, greater site safety and far better value over the lifetime of the product.


EC Meridian® (ECM)

The base model Meridian® features a pressurized water distribution system, PVC fill, high-efficiency eliminators, water- and sight-tight (WST™) louvers, premium mechanical equipment, basin flexibility, and easy maintenance access. With the ECM, you can customize the fill to your project’s specific thermal and water quality compliance needs. The entire Meridian® series is available in a range of single-cell sizes and fully capable of multi-cell installations to meet most applications.

ES Prime Meridian® (ESPM) — FM Approved

Fortified with FM-approved features, this model eliminates the need for a fire protection system and keeps equipment operational after a fire, hurricane, tornado or seismic event. Many customers experience lower insurance premiums and the peace of mind they have a high-quality product that’s been through the rigors of FM Approvals testing. Modifications for the ESPM are mostly limited to substituting zeroflame spread Franklin Fill™ and special drift eliminators.

For more details, please see the Meridian® Series Brochure.

Meridian Series Drawing

Industries & Applications

  • Data centers
  • Light industrial
  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • And many more!


Pressurized Water Distribution System

  • The exterior manifold maintains a single reliable connection per cell
  • Identical systems across modules ensure even water distribution and peak thermal performance
  • Lab-tested SFF nozzles maximize water coverage

Custom Fill & High-Efficiency Eliminators

  • Bottom-supported PVC fill media enhances the cooling towers' structural integrity
  • Customize fill for alternate water qualities
  • DriAir™ 80 drift eliminators limit drift rate to < 0.0005% of the circulating water flow

Water- & Sight-Tight (WST™) Louvers

  • Easily removable for basin access
  • Sight-tight design keeps sunlight out, preventing biological growth
  • Keeps water in and dirt/debris out

Premium Mechanical Equipment

  • Best brands available for associated fans, gearboxes, driveshafts, motors, and more
  • Features the same components used in our industry-leading counter and crossflow towers for 15+ years

Easy Maintenance Access

  • Access equipment via the EvapStack™ door, fan
  • deck ladder and elevated fan deck tie-off
  • Integrated, patent-pending, elevated engineering
  • tie-off point in each fan cylinder segment
  • Optional louver access door for easy basin inspection
  • Optional grated walkway for access to inner components
  • Optional fan deck handrails

FRP-Framed Modules & Leg Sets

  • Fiberglass frame provides high corrosion resistance compared to steel modular options
  • Structure designed to meet the most stringent of wind and seismic loads
  • Lightweight structure provides for safer onsite installation

Basin Flexibility

  • Tower optimally installed on new or existing
  • concrete basins
  • Fiberglass or stainless steel basins also available

Optional FM Approved Features

  • Eliminates the need for a fire protection system
  • Keeps equipment operational after a fire, hurricane, tornado or seismic event
  • Zero flame spread Franklin™ Fill and drift eliminators
  • Safewall™ hardened casing system