Series EX Cooling Tower

Crossflow Cooling Tower

An EvapTech EX Cooling Tower is an induced draft, crossflow tower custom designed to meet our customers' requirements for cost, footprint, power consumption and pumphead. Browse the sections below for more information on the important details of an EvapTech Series EX Cooling Tower. For even more personal service, especially about how we can meet your specific cooling tower requirements, contact EvapTech at

Crossflow Tower Cross Section

Xflow Cross Section


Crossflow Tower Arrangements

A variety of crossflow tower layouts are available to meet the unique plot requirements of each individual customer.  An inline tower is the standard layout for efficiency reasons, but parallel and round configurations are also options when the overall length of an inline solution is not practical.  Contact EvapTech for guidance on the layout for your particular application at

In-Line Arrangement


The most efficient and cost effective approach to tower design. Constructing the tower in a linear fashion provides the arrangement with the least parasitic power consumption, including reduced fan energy consumption and lowest pumping head.  By providing efficient entering air access, the tower height  and cost is minimized.

Parallel In-Line Arrangement

Two Cooling Towers

When dictated by site constraints that would not allow a long single tower in-line arrangement, why not consider splitting the tower into two or more units arranged in a parallel in-line configuration.

Round Arrangement

Coal Creek

When site restrictions dictate truly thinking outside the crossflow "box", a round configuration may provide the solution.

Crossflow Tower Structure


The vast majority of new counterflow towers are constructed of fire retardant fiberglass because of its high strength and fire/corrosion resistant properties. EvapTech's Newton, IL facility manufactures these pultruded parts, allowing  superior quality and lead time control. Treated wood structures are also available. Click on the materials below for more information and contact EvapTech for guidance on the best material for your particular application at

Series EX: Pultruded Fiberglass


The standard of the industry and the material demanded by most new cooling tower purchasers. But not all FRP frames are created equal, in design or material quality.

Pultruded FRP 's strength is unidirectional and our superior designs utilize line-of-action force distribution of wind and seismic loads.

EvapTech is the only cooling tower company to manufacture our own pultrusions in our state of the art factory in Newton, Illinois. This enables EvapTech to design component strength properties to match the requirements of our frame layout, all of which is verified by rigorous component physical testing activities.

Customers should demand quality fiberglass components that are made in the U.S.A.

Series EXW:  Douglas Fir & Redwood

Wood Structure

Although rare, timber framed cooling towers remain available for use where the absolute lowest cost outweighs the longevity of fiberglass framed cooling towers. Wood framed towers are available in treated Douglas Fir and various grades of redwood.

EvapTech maximizes the potential of timber framed towers by utilizing FRP for critical framing components including structural connectors and distribution header supports.

Crossflow Tower Fill

EvapTech's ArchBar™ fill is the most efficient splash bar in the market. The open mesh double layer design of ArchBar fill maximizes the break up of water droplets and eliminates the streaming and channeling of water that plagues PVC bar-type fills with various punched hole patterns. The open mesh strands of ArchBar resist fouling. The unique arched tubular design of ArchBar provides increased strength, improving resistance to fouling or winter ice damage and allowing ArchBar to span greater distances between supports, an essential feature for users with wide spaced tower framing members.

ArchBar Fill


ArchBar Flyer
Tuflock Grid Flyer


EvapTech Crossflow Eliminators

EvapTech's DriAir80 drift eliminators represent the BACT (Best Available Control Technology) in cooling tower drift eliminators, limiting drift rates to as low as 0.0005%. Click on the pictures below for more information on EvapTech's drift eliminators, or contact

Crossflow Drift Eliminators

Designed specifically for crossflow towers, our DriAir 80XF eliminators incorporate the same drift attributes as DriAir 80 while angling the eliminator blades to direct discharge air toward the fan, reducing turning losses and fan power consumption.


DriAir80 Flyer

Crossflow Water Distribution

Evenly distributed water is key to a cooling tower's thermal performance. EvapTech engineers the distribution system for each customer's unique waterflow to maximize thermal performance and minimize operating pump head. Contact EvapTech at for more information on water distribution systems.

Water Distribution Crossflow


EvapDeck Flyer

Cooling Tower Mechanical Equipment

The ability of a mechanical draft cooling tower to efficiently and reliably transfer waste heat is entirely dependent upon the reliability of the mechanical equipment package. Therefore EvapTech provides fans, gearboxes, driveshafts and motors from a select group of equipment suppliers specializing in the supply of top quality mechanical components to assure exceptional reliability of their thermal performance.  Read about EvapTech's mechanical equipment support system below and contact EvapTech at for more information on mechanical equipment.  Browse the EvapTech Parts page for more information on our suppliers.

Mechanical Equipment Support

Equally as important as the mechanical component selection,  equipment support design utilizing a properly sized round torque tube to effectively restrain rotational dynamic loads is essential to assuring the longevity of these costly and critical tower components. The devil is in the details and the design details of support bracing and its attachment to the tower structure will determine if the support effectively restrains rotational and vibration loads.

Torque Tube

The EvapTech Edge:

Support Sizing - EvapTech properly sizes the torque tube for the fan diameter and applied horsepower - Flexing of undersized supports is a common cause of reduced gear, motor, and driveshaft operating life.

Support Design - Equipment mounting plates braced against movement in all directions - simple bent plates welded to the tube do not provide the rigidity required by the driveshaft and will ultimately lead to failure of the shaft and gear/motor bearings.

Positive Positioning - Jack bolts are provided for ease of alignment and assure properly secured motor and gear placement - do not rely upon a simple spiral pin to maintain alignment during numerous start/stop cycles.

Structural Attachment - Torque tube loading must be applied directly to the tower's vertical column framing  with steel plates bolted directly from the support to vertical framing members - never allow horizontal framing members, plastic gromments, or hollow leg fan deck panels sandwiched between the support and tower framing to be used to transmit loads.

Vibration Bracing - Diagonal bracing immediately below the supports transmits and spreads loads into the  surrounding structure - Both pultruded fiberglass and timber are unidirectional strength materials, anticipating that vibration loading will be adequately restrained by moment loading of these members will result in a substantially reduced life cycle of mechanical components.

Crossflow Tower Upgrades

In order to meet our clients custom needs and requirements, EvapTech offers a wide variety of tower upgrades designed to improve safety, maintenance access and aesthetics. See the options below to learn more and contact EvapTech at for more information.

SafeLift™ Equipment Handling Packages


Whether you want to lift tools, oil, or mechanical equipment components from grade to the fan deck, EvapTech has an option available to meet the need safely.

SafeRoute™ Cable Tray Supports

Cable Tray Supports

Eliminate trip hazards and fan deck clutter with EvapTech supplied and installed externally mounted cable tray supports.

Plenum Area Walkways

With this upgrade access to the mechanical equipment is quick, convenient, and without the need to remove the fan cylinder access door. When installed in combination with the EvapPad™ gear access platform this system provides exceptional mechanical access for routine inspection and maintenance.

Removable Aluminum Catwalk

Providing safe, convenient, and portable fan deck access to the mechanical equipment. The removable catwalk safely transports workers to either the OSHA tie-off location at the gear or to the optional EvapPad™ access platform to perform routine inspection and maintenance of mechanical components.

EvapPad™ Access Platform

Louvers constructed of wide spaced FRP panels and supported from either timber or FRP members is a common option to control water splash out and reduce basin footprint. Insist upon reinforced leading and trailing edges when the potential for exposure to freezing is a concern.

Grade Piping, Inlet Risers and Supports

Header Pipe

EvapTech designers can properly design and supply above grade plant piping to fit your project needs in state of the art fiberglass construction. Consider single point connection of your next cooling tower.

Grade header, risers, riser sway braces, isolation valves, and expansion joint options shown.

Collection Basin Bypass Piping

Winter operation requires direct bypass into the collection basin? Allow EvapTech to design and install the correct piping to interface with your system and the cooling tower structure.

Enclosed Stairway

Take safety to an elevated level by upgrading to an enclosed stairway. For those in freezing climates this can be a critical maintenance upgrade.