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Name File Size Type Language
2016 - 1st Quarter  1.76 MB English
2016 - 2nd Quarter 1.54 MB English
2016 - 3rd Quarter 1.34 MB English
2016 - 4th Quarter 1.32 MB English
2017 - 1st Quarter 1.44 MB English
2017 - 2nd Quarter 1.52 MB English
2017 - 3rd Quarter 1.05 MB English
2017 - 4th Quarter 1.06 MB English
2018 - 1st Quarter 829.37 KB English
2018 - 2nd Quarter 1.02 MB English
2021 EMR 118.33 KB Specification Sheet English
2021 Trade References 74.38 KB Specification Sheet English
2021 W2 467.51 KB Catalog English
2023 EMR 202.17 KB Specification Sheet English
2023 W2 584.75 KB Specification Sheet English
Addax Driveshaft Catalog 366.61 KB Catalog English
Addax Eng Brochure 1.53 MB Engineering Bulletin English
Addax Install Manual 376.84 KB English
Aftermarket Services Brochure 967.77 KB English
Amarillo A Series Brochure 2.21 MB Catalog English
Amarillo A Series O&M 2.56 MB English
Amarillo Composite Drive Shaft 5.22 MB English
Amarillo Gear Catalog 11.8 MB Catalog English
Amarillo Gear O&M 2.06 MB English
Amarillo Gear Renewal Brochure 782.8 KB English
Amarillo Gear Service Unit Brochure 5.33 MB English
Amarillo Gear Service Unit Manual 1.99 MB English
ArchBar 459.51 KB English
Cooling Tower 18 Point Maintenance Checklist 131.62 KB English
Cooling Tower Inspection Checklist and Calendar 120.97 KB English
Cooling Tower Inspection Method 114.01 KB English
Counterflow Dimensional Layout 165.62 KB English
Counterflow Distribution Layout 112.86 KB English
Crossflow Dimensional Layout 137 KB English
Crossflow Performance Package 642.46 KB English
CrossPack 691.5 KB English
DriAir 150 Drift Eliminator 505.38 KB English
DriAir 80 Drift Eliminator 440.6 KB English
Driveshaft Diagram 29.81 KB Specification Sheet English
Driveshaft worksheet 109.75 KB Specification Sheet English
Evap Deck 569 KB English
EVAPAK 619.08 KB English
Evapco Brochure 2.25 MB English
Evapco Power Brochure 2.61 MB English
Evapco-BLCT Corporate Brochure 2.63 MB English
EvapJet II Nozzle 556.76 KB English
EvapTech Corporate Brochure 4.43 MB English
EvapTech Facts 19.95 KB English
EvapTech Quarterly Q1 2018 829.37 KB English
EvapTech Quarterly, Q3 2018 1.07 MB English
FM Primer & FAQ 234.61 KB English
Marley Gear Renewal Brochure 712.9 KB English
Mechanical Equipment Layout 126.24 KB English
Meridian® Series Brochure 7.4 MB Catalog English
Meridian® Series Brochure with Contact Information 3.55 MB Catalog English
Opti-Bar 619.2 KB English
Sample EvapTech Inspection Report 3 MB English
Series ES / ESP 2.96 MB English
Series ESX Brochure 2.91 MB English
SplashPak 671.35 KB English
TechClean 499.6 KB English
TechClean 214 & 312 494.98 KB English
Test PDF 4.43 MB English
TP07-02 -- Counterflow Fill & Nozzle Test Cell 90.41 KB English
TP11-25 -- Cooling Tower Plume 72.13 KB English
TP12-01 -- Natural Draft Cooling Tower Ring Replacement 85.51 KB English
TP14-19 -- Advanced Cooling Solutions for Water Conservation 140.58 KB English
TP15-26 -- Hybrid Cooling Towers Water Savings Calculations and Measurements 358.85 KB English
Tuflock 658.52 KB English
VertiClean 440.25 KB English
Wire Grid & Hanger 51.26 KB English